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Compilation of Annoucements for Institutions Opting-out of Model License

Here is a (partial) compilation of statements from institutions who have announced they are not signing on to the AUCC/ACCC-Access Copyright Model license: Simon Fraser University: <pending> University of Calgary: Niagara College: Seneca College: Humber College: Royal Roads University: University of Saskatchewan:; University of Northern British Columbia: University of […]


A Closer Look at Warman v Fournier: Good news for online journalists

In my previous posting which focused on linking and its implications for copyright infringement, I mentioned the recent Federal Court of Canada decision in Warman and National Post v Fornier (2012 FC 803).  The case is important for some other reasons as well, and the Hon. Justice Rennie’s June 21st decision should be read by […]

Once again, Linking is NOT unauthorized copying

When Access Copyright included “linking” or “hyperlinking” in its definition of “copy” in its tariff application back in 2010, the provision became one of the most notable lightning rods of opposition for the proposed tariff; a paradigm example of over-reaching. After all, Section 3 of the Copyright Act, which sets forward the full and complete list […]

Some Background Docs on the Model License

Over the next two weeks, we will likely be seeing several new releases about the adoption or rejection of the AUCC/ACCC — Access Copyright Model License on campuses across Canada. To date, we’ve seen only a handful of announcements (an ongoing compilation of updates is maintained by Ariel Katz at These announcements will likely […]

Looking past the gloss: What does the Model License really say about monitoring and reporting?

One of the recurring issues that seems to keep coming up is the extent to which the AUCC-Access Copyright Model License satisfactorily addresses the concerns raised with the proposed tariff with respect to monitoring, surveying, privacy and more generally the effect of these clauses on academic freedom. As we are getting closer to the end […]

Flawed rationales underline UA statement of intent to sign AUCC-Access Copyright Model License

The University of Alberta has issued a statement indicating its intention to sign the AUCC-Access Copyright Model license. This announcement represents a turn-around from the university’s earlier position, taken in 2011, when it announced it was opting out of the interim tariff that Access Copyright had obtained from the Copyright Board. In retreating from its […]

California Bill would create open access textbook digital library

California Senate Bills 1052 and 1053 would create the California Open Source Digital Library to house open source materials while providing a web-based way for students, faculty, and staff to easily find, adopt, utilize and/or modify course materials for little or no cost.