Monthly Archives: June 2017

Review of Internet of Things: Privacy Policies & Terms of Service

Over the past few months I’ve been working with my research team at UWO to compile and analyze Privacy Policies and Terms of Service (ToS) agreements from selected consumer products associated with the Internet of Things (IoT). These new digital products and services include “smart” kitchen appliances, home heating and lighting systems, monitoring devices, children’s […]

SCC Rejects Facebook’s “Choice of Forum” Clause Argument

In a welcome development for online consumers who are often forced to give up important legal rights in click-wrap license agreements, the Supreme Court of Canada has just issued its decision in Douez v. Facebook Inc. (2017 SCC 33)…/…/doc/2017/2017scc33/2017scc33.html In rejecting Facebook’s claim that the forum selection clause in its terms of service preclude […]