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Copyright and Licensing Agreements: Are We Signing Away Our Rights?

Copyright and Licensing Agreements: Are We Signing Away Our Rights? This presentation will examine the relationship between copyright law and provisions in licensing agreements which are often in tension. Contractual provisions that seek to limit the ability of end-users (such as faculty and students) to fully utilize licensed materials are nothing new.  But in the […]


Copyright and the Modern Academic Debate Series

Copyright and the Modern Academic Debate Series 2014 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences – Brock University Copyright law is an increasingly contentious issue for Canadian academics in their roles as teachers, researchers, and creators. In a series of three debates, co-sponsored by Brock University Council for Research in the Social Sciences (CRISS) and […]

Submission on Tri-Agency Open Access Policy

Here is my submission to the consultation on the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy (…if you have been thinking of sending one in, note they are due today!) Submission of Prof. Samuel E. Trosow on Tri-Agency Open Access Policy Please accept this note as a submission in support of the Draft Tri-Agency Open Access Policy. I […]