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Is the TPP Dead? And if so, what next?

Several press reports are confirming the Obama administration’s intention to suspend any attempts to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress.  Until recently, it appeared as if the administration would seek to enact the measure before the end of this Congressional term. While press coverage has been varied, one recurring theme has been to liken […]

Wikileaks releases final TPP IP Chapter

Wikileaks has released the final negotiated text for the TPP’s Intellectual Property Chapter. It is posted at along with several links to analysis. Significant provisions were included in earlier leaked versions of the text and have been the subject of extensive commentary. The leaked IP Chapter, which comes in advance of the government’s promises […]

Submission to London City Council on Home Mail Delivery

London City Council’s Civic Works Committee will receive a staff report on Canada Post’s proposal to eliminate home mail delivery on Feb 3rd. I’ve requested delegation status and have submitted the following: ——— To: Civic Works Committee Chairperson H. Usher, Vice Chairperson J. Helmer, members M. van Holst, V. Ridley, T. Park and Secretary J. […]

Upcoming Visit to SLIS at the University of Alberta

I will be heading out to Edmonton later this month to give a series of talks and to offer a one-unit course in Copyright at UA’s School of Library and Information Studies. Here is the announcement from the SLIS webpage: SLIS is proud to announce that this October we will be hosting SLIS Distinguished Scholar […]

U of T, Western decline to renew blanket licence with Access Copyright

Here is an entry written by Lisa Di Valentino, originally pubished at   It’s just been announced the the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario have declined to renew the controversial blanket licence with collective Access Copyright, ending months of speculation over what the universities had planned.The decision follows Western’s overhaul […]

Legal and Policy Aspects of Emerging Instructional Technologies (Upcoming Panel March 8th)

As part of the Technology in Education Symposium (TIES) to be held on Friday March 8th at Althouse College at the University of Western Ontario, I will be chairing a panel on the Legal and Policy Aspects of Emerging Instructional Technologies.  It will be held from 2:15-3:15 in room 1262 Althouse College.  The panel will include: […]

California Bill would create open access textbook digital library

California Senate Bills 1052 and 1053 would create the California Open Source Digital Library to house open source materials while providing a web-based way for students, faculty, and staff to easily find, adopt, utilize and/or modify course materials for little or no cost.

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