Lisa Di Valentino will be defending her Ph.D. Dissertation entitled “Laying the Foundation for Copyright Policy and Practice in Canadian Universities” on Tuesday November 29th. The public is invited to her public lecture at 1 pm in 114 North Campus Building on the University of Western Ontario campus. Here is her abstract: Due to significant […]

Several press reports are confirming the Obama administration’s intention to suspend any attempts to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress.  Until recently, it appeared as if the administration would seek to enact the measure before the end of this Congressional term. While press coverage has been varied, one recurring theme has been to liken […]

What is the relationship between the Open Meeting requirements of the Ontario Municipal Act  and the rules requiring the disclosure of municipal records under the Ontario Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act (MFIPPA)?  Both of these measures are intended to increase the transparency of municipal governments and provide members of the […]

Here are the written comments I’ve submitted to the London City Council on the Secondary Dwelling Units by-law that will be going to full Council at their August 30th meeting. . . . . From: Samuel Trosow, <> To: Members, London City Council Re: Secondary Dwelling Units (OZ-8053); 14th Report of the PEC #23 I’d […]

Here is my Submission (with co-authors Scott Tremblay and Daniel Weiss) to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for their consultation on Privacy and Consent under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Summary of Submission of Samuel Trosow,  Scott Tremblay and Daniel Weiss The current consent model is inadequate to protect the legitimate privacy […]

Here is my (very brief) submission to the first phase of the Canada Post Review Task Force consultation (which closes today) . . . July 31, 2016 To the Members of the Canada Post Review Task Force: Since the new government has a strong mandate to restore home mail delivery and expand public services, this […]

This new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives finds the TPP will …negatively impact the Canadian automotive industry, undermining the competitiveness of assembly and small and medium-sized auto parts plant . . .- The Devil is in the Details This study examines the potential impacts of the TPP on the Canadian automotive sector. […]

At its March 2016 meeting, the Kingston-Frontenac Library Board passed a revised Code of Conduct for library patrons in this Ontario community. Opposition to the new Code started to grow amid growing concern that the policy was particularly aimed at certain classes of library patrons: the homeless and the poor. The new Code included the […]

Wikileaks has released the final negotiated text for the TPP’s Intellectual Property Chapter. It is posted at along with several links to analysis. Significant provisions were included in earlier leaked versions of the text and have been the subject of extensive commentary. The leaked IP Chapter, which comes in advance of the government’s promises […]

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers  has released a comprehensive paper that  discusses the economic, social and political implications of Canada Post Corporation’s (CPC’s) decision to replace residential mail delivery with community mailboxes (CMBs.) The study examined CPCs recent economic performance and the economic rationale it provided to justify the change in delivery mode. It […]