Submission of Samuel E. Trosow to Goudge Review – May 29, 2015 At the outset, I would like to state my position that the terms of reference for this review are too narrow. A much broader inquiry is needed that should involve more members external to the University of Western Ontario. Nonetheless, the following comments […]

This is a guest posting, written by Nikola Mitrovic….. Beyond the money: Understanding the UWO salary scandal, Bill-C-51 and Canada Post austerity as the attack on the public sphere The 2015 salary scandal at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) gained media attention for various reasons but what should be emphasized most is the greater […]

The following is the text of a letter sent to the PM today from a group of organizations and individuals on Bill C-51: Bill C-51 cannot be salvaged; it must be scrapped The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 […]

Initial Listing of Proposed “Community Mail Box” sites for London Ontario:  PDF:  N5V  N5W   N5X  N5Y  N6G  N6H  Excel:  N5V  N5W  N5X  N5Y  N6G  N6H You are encouraged to look-up the sites for your area and discuss the locations with your neighbours, with your local neighbourhood association, and with your elected officials. For more information […]

London City Council’s Civic Works Committee will receive a staff report on Canada Post’s proposal to eliminate home mail delivery on Feb 3rd. I’ve requested delegation status and have submitted the following: ——— To: Civic Works Committee Chairperson H. Usher, Vice Chairperson J. Helmer, members M. van Holst, V. Ridley, T. Park and Secretary J. […]

I will presenting on two panels of at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto later this week: Intellectual Property and MakerSpaces and 3D Printing (803D) Thursday January 29: 9 am –10:30am  MTCC 104A Speakers: Mallory Austin, Michael McNally, Samuel Trosow The session examines the issues raised by makerspaces in the context of […]

R v. Fearon: The Supreme Court on cell phones and privacy by Lisa Di Valentino On December 11, 2014, the Supreme Court released its decision in R. v. Fearon, which I brought up in an earlier post about a similar case in the U.S. (Riley v. California, Supreme Court of the United States). In this post […]

Copyright and Licensing Agreements: Are We Signing Away Our Rights? This presentation will examine the relationship between copyright law and provisions in licensing agreements which are often in tension. Contractual provisions that seek to limit the ability of end-users (such as faculty and students) to fully utilize licensed materials are nothing new.  But in the […]

I will be heading out to Edmonton later this month to give a series of talks and to offer a one-unit course in Copyright at UA’s School of Library and Information Studies. Here is the announcement from the SLIS webpage: SLIS is proud to announce that this October we will be hosting SLIS Distinguished Scholar […]

Here is something not on copyright, privacy or telecom policy.  My wife, Marie Blosh, is running for City Council in London Ontario.  Here is the statement she issued today (which coincidentally is the 40th anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon) PRESS RELEASE: August 8, 2014 Marie Blosh Declares Candidacy for City Council in Ward […]